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Monday, September 18

09:00 - 09:55 Invited talk (Prof. Alexander Barg, Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Victor Zinoviev

Repairing Reed-Solomon codes

Alexander Barg

10:20 - 12:00 Algebraic decoding (Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Alexander Barg

10:20 Partial permutation decoding for q-ary cyclic and related codes

Roland D. Barrolleta, Mercè Villanueva

10:45 Improved Decoding and Error Floor Analysis of Staircase Codes

Lukas Holzbaur, Hannes Bartz, Antonia Wachter-Zeh

11:10 Improved Power Decoding of One-Point Hermitian Codes

Sven Puchinger, Irene Bouw, Johan Rosenkilde Né Nielsen

11:35 Bounds on Codes Correcting Tandem and Palindromic Duplications

Andreas Lenz, Antonia Wachter-Zeh, Eitan Yaakobi

14:00 - 16:05 Rank metric (Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Pierre Loidreau

14:00 On m-nearly resolvable BIB designs and q-ary optimal constant weight codes

Leonid Bassalygo, Vladimir Lebedev, Victor Zinoviev

14:25 On the Rank-Metric Covering Radius

Eimear Byrne, Alberto Ravagnani

14:50 Further Generalisations of Twisted Gabidulin Codes

Sven Puchinger, Johan Rosenkilde Né Nielsen, John Sheekey

15:15 The Zeta Function of a Rank-Metric Code

Eimear Byrne, Ivan Blanco-Chacon, John Sheekey, Iwan Duursma

15:40 An upper bound for binary subspace codes of length 8, constant dimension 4 and minimum distance 6

Daniel Heinlein, Sascha Kurz

16:30 - 18:10 Arithmetic on curves (Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Daniel Augot

16:30 Uniform Encodings to Elliptic Curves over Finite Fields

Reza Rezaeian Farashahi, Mojtaba Fadavi, Amirmehdi Yazdani Kashani

16:55 Practical Limit of Index Calculus Algorithms for ECDLP over Prime Fields

Yuki Yokota, Momonari Kudo, Masaya Yasuda

17:20 Differential Addition on Jacobi Curves

Reza Rezaeian Farashahi, Seyed Gholamhossein Hosseini

17:45 Enumerating Superspecial Curves of Genus 4 over Prime Fields

Momonari Kudo, Shushi Harashita

Tuesday, September 19

09:00 - 09:55 Invited talk (Prof. Claude Carlet, Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Faina Solov'eva

On APN exponents, characterizations of differentially uniform functions by the Walsh transform, and related cyclic-difference-set-like structure

Claude Carlet

10:20 - 12:25 Boolean functions (Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Pascale Charpin

10:20 A new class of three-weight linear codes from weakly regular plateaued functions

Sihem Mesnager, Ferruh Özbudak, Ahmet Sınak

10:45 Searching balanced Boolean functions on even number of variables with excellent autocorrelation profile

Selcuk Kavut, Subhamoy Maitra, Deng Tang

11:10 Distribution of the absolute indicator of random Boolean functions

Florian Caullery, François Rodier

11:35 Minimum weight bases for extended cyclic codes related to Gold function

Faina Solov'eva, Ivan Mogilnykh

12:00 The covering radii of a class of binary cyclic codes and some BCH codes

Selçuk Kavut, Seher Tutdere

Wednesday, September 20

09:00 - 09:55 Invited talk (Prof. Camilla Hollanti, Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Claude Carlet

On private information retrieval from coded storage

Camilla Hollanti

10:20 - 12:00 Cryptanalysis (Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Christina Boura

10:20 Differential Attacks: Using Alternative Operations

Céline Blondeau, Roberto Civino, Massimiliano Sala

10:45 Cryptanalysis of full round Fruit

Sabyasachi Dey, Santanu Sarkar

11:10 Hidden sums and their application on block ciphers

Carlo Brunetta, Marco Calderini, Massimiliano Sala

11:35 Combinatorial Analysis of Decimated Keystream Sequences Generated by Grain-128a

Nishant Sinha, Sugata Gangopadhyay, Subhamoy Maitra

14:00 - 16:05 Private Information Retrieval and Multiple access (Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Camilla Hollanti

14:00 Multimedia fingerprinting with noise via signature codes for weighted noisy adder channels and compressed sensing

Elena Egorova, Marcel Fernandez, Moon Ho Lee

14:25 Signature Codes on the Symmetric Multiple Access Channels

Arkady Dyachkov, Nikita Polianskii, Ilya Vorobyev, Vladislav Shchukin

14:50 Improved User-Private Information Retrieval via Finite Geometry

Oliver Gnilke, Marcus Greferath, Camilla Hollanti, Guillermo Nunez Ponasso, Padraig O Cathain, Eric Swartz

15:15 Constructions for efficient Private Information Retrieval protocols

Julien Lavauzelle

15:40 Reed-Muller Codes for Private Information Retrieval

Ragnar Freij-Hollanti, Oliver Gnilke, Camilla Hollanti, Anna-Lena Horlemann-Trautmann, David Karpuk, Ivo Kubjas

16:30 - 18:10 Codes and channels (Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Natalia Shekhunova

16:30 About Circulant Involutory MDS Matrices

Victor Cauchois, Pierre Loidreau

16:55 A method for constructing parity-check matrices of non-binary quasi-cyclic LDPC codes

Stanislav Kruglik, Valeriya Potapova, Alexey Frolov

17:20 A Distance Between Channels

Rafael Lucas D'Oliveira, Marcelo Firer

17:45 Universal Codec for Multicomponent Codes

Igor Sysoev

Thursday, September 21

09:00 - 09:55 Invited talk (Prof. Patric Östergård, Auditorium 51-07 "Da Vinchi Hall")

Prof. Merce Villanueva

Unrestricted Binary Error-Correcting Codes – Past and Present

Patric Östergård

10:20 - 12:00 Finite fields (Auditorium 51-07 "Da Vinchi Hall")

Prof. Daniel Panario

10:20 Dense families of modular curves, prime numbers and uniform symmetric tensor rank of multiplication in certain finite fields

Stéphane Ballet, Alexey Zykin

10:45 The Graph Structure of the Chebyshev Polynomial over Finite Fields and Applications

Claudio Qureshi, Daniel Panario

11:10 On the Number of k-normal Elements over Finite Fields

Ernist Tilenbaev, Zülfükar Sayg, Çetin Ürtiş

11:35 On FqR-additive codes

Alexandre Fotue Tabue, Edgar Martinez-Moro, Christophe Mouaha

14:00 - 16:05 Combinatorics (Auditorium 51-07 "Da Vinchi Hall")

Prof. Patric Östergård

14:00 On completely regular codes by concatenation constructions

Joaquim Borges, Josep Rifà, Victor Zinoviev

14:25 Cardinality of Multicomponent Zero Prefix Spreads

Ernst Gabidulin, Nina Pilipchuk

14:50 Projective Divisible Binary Codes

Thomas Honold, Daniel Heinlein, Michael Kiermaier, Sascha Kurz, Alfred Wassermann

15:15 Combinatorial metrics: MacWilliams-type identities, isometries and extension property

Jerry Pinheiro, Roberto Machado, Marcelo Firer

15:40 Bounding energies and cardinalities of spherical codes with inner products in prescribed interval

Peter Boyvalenkov, Peter Dragnev, Douglas Hardin, Edward Saff, Maya Stoyanova

16:30 - 18:10 McEliece cryptosystem (Auditorium 51-07 "Da Vinchi Hall")

Prof. Jean-Pierre Tillich

16:30 On the security of Some Compact Keys for McEliece Scheme

Élise Barelli

16:55 Identifying an unknown code by partial Gaussian elimination

Kevin Carrier, Jean-Pierre Tillich

17:20 Optimizing BJMM with Nearest Neighbors: Full Decoding in 2^{2/21 n} and McEliece Security

Leif Both, Alexander May

17:45 Asymptotic Analysis of ISD algorithms for the q-ary case

Rodolfo Canto Torres

Friday, September 22

09:00 - 09:55 Invited talk (Prof. Grigory Kabatiansky, Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Eimear Byrne

Digital fingerprinting codes – a new meeting point of coding theory and cryptography

Grigory Kabatiansky

10:20 - 11:40 Symmetric crypto (Auditorium 53-03)

Prof. Grigory Kabatiansky

10:20 Two Notions of Differential Equivalence on Sboxes

Christina Boura, Anne Canteaut, Jérémy Jean, Valentin Suder

10:45 Almost Involutory Recursive MDS Diffusion Layers

Kishan Chand Gupta, Sumit Kumar Pandey, Ayineedi Venkateswarlu

11:10 On Information-Theoretic Approach to Messages Unlinkability for Physical-Layer Network Coding

Oksana Trushina